15 Best Ways to Hack Instagram Account & Password

You can find millions of articles on how to hack an Instagram account on the internet. But do all them really work? Do all those automatic hacking methods shown on the Internet work?

Well, the reality is that many of them are complete scams while others are partial scams. I mean by partial scams that they provide free hacking tools available on the internet as paid products on their sites. Well, today, we will show you all the possible ways of hacking your Instagram account and Instagram password for free.

1) Guess Instagram Password-

This an obvious one since many people reuse passwords on a large scale. People have the same facebook and Instagram password. In some cases, even Gmail password is the same. I know that is probably the stupidest thing anyone can do, but yes people reuse passwords because they are too lazy to remember many passwords.

The most common passwords used in the world are “abc123”, “iloveyou,” “password,” “qwerty123,” etc.

Passwords like these are quite easy to guess. Some people use their hometown as the password while some use their mobile numbers as their Instagram password.

You can read more on my article about guessing passwords.

  • [name]007
  • [name]123
  • [mobile number] $$$
  • old mobile numbers or current mobile number
  • Crush name or lovers name as insta password

2)Phishing for Instagram accounts

Phishing is probably the oldest method of hacking, and yet it is the most successful method used by hackers for hacking Instagram accounts. Even many of the popular celebrities got their Instagram account hacked by phishing recently.

Phishing works on the concept of creating a fake page and using social engineering to trick the victim into logging into Instagram via the malicious link. This malicious link will record the credential sn then redirect the user to the original site. By the time the user logs in the original Instagram site, his account has been compromised.

Many people do, which leads to an account being compromised by hackers every day.

I will be creating an in-depth guide on hacking Instagram with phishing very soon, so stay tuned.

Link: Coming soon

3)Hacking Instagram accounts via Facebook.

Many people use the same passwords for both, or sometimes both the accounts are linked together.

“Instagram`s sign in with facebook feature” is an example where the attacker can compromise to gain access to the victim’s account.

Currently, I know about three automated phishing websites which can help you hack Instagram quickly without any hassle.

Step 1: Make an account on any of the following phishing websites. Use fake emails to make accounts

Step 2: Generate the fake phishing link. You can also make the fake Instagram hacking link with this site.

Step 3: Use social engineering and your creativity to trick the victims in using that link and entering the Instagram username and password

Step 4: Check my victims section for the password


4)Try older passwords of other accounts-

People are very lazy to think of new passwords, and when it comes to making passwords, they use variations of the same password they regularly use. People keep reusing the same password on multiple sites. Especially on Gmail facebook and Instagram. This makes it very easy to hack any of the popular websites because you now know any of the old passwords of the target. You can try variations of the same passwords. Or you can make a custom wordlist for hacking passwords by using tools like crunch.

I will soon make an article for making excellent wordlists soon. So stay tuned.

Link: Coming soon

5)Spy Apps

This is the best method for hacking Instagram. You can make a fake Instagram mod or use existing mod apks on the internet to inject a malicious virus in existing apks and trick the victim.

Spy apps are malicious android apps which trick the user in believing that it is a legitimate app and convincing him to give access to data and another person information. Android is most vulnerable to this type of attacks. IOS can also be hacked, but it requires apple id of the victim in many cases.

I have reviewed two spy tools so far.

Spynote my personal favorite

And Hoverwatch the trial based/paid automated solution.

Ahmyth is another tool similar to spynote, which is free and can hack Instagram password easily.

6) Keyloggers

Keyloggers are applications which record all the keystrokes of the victim which are being typed on the device. In android, it uses the overlay functionality originally meant for people with disabilities. It exploits that feature to record everything being typed by the victim. The username passwords otps etc. can be quickly recorded and thus the Instagram account password can be hacked and compromised.

Shadow- Kid’s key logger

Shadow keylogger is an Android app available on Google Play Store, which is originally designed for the parents to keep watch on their children. Hackers can misuse this application to hack Instagram account username and passwords.

7) Google Smart lock

A new feature introduced by Google and Android as a method to save passwords on the phone and laptops quickly and more conveniently. What smart lock does is that it autosaves all the passwords used for apps and devices on Android or Chrome browser. What you can do to exploit this feature is you can make them sign in to their Instagram account by using your Android phone. Their credentials will be autosaved into your phone, and you can log in into their account directly.

This feature is significantly misused, especially on android and chrome.

8) Brute force Instagram

This is probably the most annoying and tedious method to hack Instagram. Hacking Instagram with Bruteforce is a task which requires a lot of patience and a good password list for hacking.

I have already written multiple ways of brute-forcing Instagram in a separate article you can read.

It is possible to hack Instagram with this method only if the target uses a weak password. Or if you already know what type of a password the victim uses.

Cookie stealing or session hijacking is a method where you can access a victim’s Instagram account without knowing the username and password. But its much more difficult than hacking facebook because who really uses Instagram on a pc. Everyone uses the app to access the Instagram account. I’ll have written an in-depth article on facebook cookie stealing and hacking facebook, and it’s a slightly technical method. Instagram will work the same way.


If you can get on the same network as the target close, then you can trick them into connecting to a malicious Wi-Fi network. By doing this, you can steal their Instagram username and password via a Man in The Middle (MITM) attack.

Tools like the Wi-Fi Pineapple make creating a fake Wi-Fi network as easy as possible. When the target connects to your fake network, you can sniff the traffic or route them to the fake login page by using a phishing attack.

The diversity and creativity of MITM attacks are what makes it the most difficult to prevent.

11) Plain Password grabbing

This is another standard method hackers use to hack Instagram passwords and other credentials. Sometimes you do not even need to do this hack.

You can use an automated tool to check all the accounts liked with a particular email and try to hack those accounts instead.

How does Plain Password Grabbing work with Instagram? 

In this hacking method, the hacker targets a weak low-quality website. This xyz.com website which the victim uses is insecure. The hacker can now hack their database to get the stored plain text username & password. Low security and low-quality websites and forums can be easily hacked.

Regular people, who use the same email address and password for low-quality websites, may end up losing their Instagram account.

12) Hack email

You can hack an Instagram account by compromising their email by a phishing attack or a spear-phishing attack. This is also an attack vector. By hacking their email, we can easily hack their Instagram account and reset and take over the account.

There are many ways to hack email accounts. I will be writing a separate article for that so stay tuned.

Link: Coming soon

13) Hack thy smartphones

You can hack their smartphone by using malware and trojan. You can use this phone to hack and extract the Instagram username and passwords.

Instead of directly targetting Instagram account of the victim, they attack their android or IOS device.

14)USB stealer

This method of hacking Instagram works only with people using the autosave password feature or use the browser for using Instagram.

USB stealer is an automated hacking USB drive which, when connected to any windows system, will automatically execute and copy all the passwords and usernames on the system. As you can see below in the image, the usb hacking script copied all the passwords from my windows 10 system.

I have written an article on how to make your own usb stealer. You can read it.

This is how you can hack Instagram with USB Stealers.

15) Shoulder surfing attack

This is the simple social engineering attack where the hackers see the user type in their password. You can also use a recording feature to record a video of the victim typing his or her Instagram username and password into a system or a device.

The hack is simple to do:

Just stand behind the target when he/she is typing the Instagram password and check out the different keys pressed by them. This can reveal the target’s password quite easily.

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