How To Get Someone’s IP Address | 20 Methods


How do you spy on someone's IP Address? 

20 Methods:

1 - Use a pre-made IP logger like these two most famous: Grabify and IP Logger (I got banned for posting the website so just google them)

2 - Create a Gmail account and let the victim login, once they login, go to that account, scroll down until you find a details button and you will see their IP in the IP logs history (make sure you use a VPN cause if they know about this they can also get your IP address)

3 - Make them share screen and ask them to go to a website that shows their IP address, like for example the method I showed before.

4 - Make your own website and use an IP Logger script, you don’t need to make one, just grab a free website template, a free domain and a pre-made IP logger script, it will be more trusted to use this instead of the grabify or IP logger, since them links are very famous

5 - Create a fake steam account and activate steam guard there, then let them login saying you giving a free steam account with games, and when they login you will get the steam guard code along with the victim IP address on your email

6 - Create a fake Netflix account and let them login, then go to IP logs history and get the victim IP

7 - If they play GTA v you can get them to share screen and go to social club, network and the IP address will appear

8 - If they play Black Ops 3 just make them share screen and go to settings and networking the victim IP address will appear there

9 - If you in a ps3 game, ps4 party or Xbox party use a sniffer to get the IP address of everyone in that party, if you using ps4 I recommend console sniffer, if you using an Xbox I recommend re-lanc remastered or re-lanc v

10 - Do a fake discord verify that for the person to be member needs to go to an IP logger link and then you save is IP address

11 - Use a Discord Token Grabber you will get the victim IP and discord token

12 - Use a .exe or .py IP grabber

13 - Create a fake epic games account and enable 2fa then give them the account you will get their IP on your email along with the 2fa code

14 - If they don’t know anything about PC’s just ask them to search my IP on google and tell you the numbers, saying it’s for something they need (just be creative)

15 - If you can go to the victim’s house just connect to their internet and search my IP address on google

16 - Teach the victim how to do a free DDoS attack and make a stressthem account for him, then when they login just go to login history and you will get the victim IP

17 - Do a fivem server and make them join, and you will get their IP on your database

18 - Do a CSGO server and make them join, you will get their IP since they connecting to your server

19 - Search for their email or username and try to find if their stuff was ever leaked that way you can be lucky and get their IP and information

20 - If your victim plays or played Minecraft search their username in a Minecraft database leaked.

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