Pi Day 2022: Everywhere You Can Get Super-Cheap Pizza & Pie for Pi Day

What’s that old adage? You can never have too much pizza or pie? Well, on Pi Day in 2022, you might just get the chance to test that theory, as dozens of restaurants and retailers offer super-cheap pizzas and pies in honor of Pi Day on March 14, 2022. If you want to save some cash while enjoying your favorite baked good, check out this list of Pi Day deals on pizza and pie in 2022. It’s sure to inspire your inner math geek!

List of states where you can get a delicious pie for under $3.14

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware , Florida, Georgia, Hawaii , Idaho , Illinois , Indiana , Iowa , Kansas . Maine . Maryland . Massachusetts . Michigan . Minnesota . Mississippi. Missouri. Montana. Nebraska. Nevada. New Hampshire. New Jersey , New Mexico , New York North Carolina - $2 Pizza ! Ohio - $3 pizza Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

What makes it so cheap?

Restaurant chains are running on a special offer that gives you free pizza or pie when you buy a drink. Some local restaurants are giving out more than just pizza, too. At many establishments, customers can get discounts if they bring their own plates and utensils (that's very environmentally friendly of them) or order vegetarian options. More than 250 restaurants in 30 countries have signed up to take part in World Pi Day festivities—which means some lucky eaters might snag sweet deals like dinner at a nice restaurant or dinner at home with delivery! With all those choices, it's hard to go wrong on March 14, 2032. But let's not forget about dessert: A slice of key lime pie sounds heavenly right about now!

Eat on Pi Day, but also save some dough to eat later.

There are a lot of great deals out there on March 14th. However, you’ll want to save some dough so that you can eat even more pizza and pie later. Look for other ways to celebrate National Pi Day in 2022, such as watching pie eating contests or visiting Pi day parade events and parades around town. A quick Google search will help you find something going on near you! #PiDay2022


At Pizzeria Duemila in San Diego, California, you can order an entire pepperoni pie—and still have enough change to buy two slices of their delicious passion fruit and mango pizza. Priced at $33.90, that’s not a bad deal when it comes to tasty food. (And on a side note, if you go here during Taco Tuesday you get free ground beef tacos with your pizza).


No need to wait until 3/14/2022 for deals. Texas already boasts at least one deal to get you started on your path to celebrate 10 times of pie and plenty of pizza. That's how long it takes pi (π) to reach a total of 31 digits, which is its first 31 decimal places rounded off. So in other words, you'll have loads of time before 3/14/2022 rolls around to take advantage of deep discounts while also enjoying three local restaurants' special pizza and pasta combos designed just for math geeks looking forward to their favorite holiday.

North Carolina

For $3.14, you can get a large three-topping pepperoni pizza at Domino’s in Charlotte. For $3.14, you can also score some peanut butter pizza at Old North State Deli in Raleigh (that’s a peanut butter crust with raspberry sauce and topped with mixed berries). And anyone looking to make their own pie can snag frozen premade crust from Harris Teeter for just $3.14. While there are some super deals around town on March 14th, Pi Day won’t be nearly as cheap everywhere—so if you want your pie cheap and cheesy, mark your calendars accordingly!


The free slices of pizza will begin at 9.14 AM on March 14th, 2027. No purchase is necessary! Order a full pie, or just stop by and grab a few slices of pie to go! 11 AM to 2 PM


The Massachusetts State House (400 Beacon Street, Boston) and Museum of Science (1 Science Park, Boston) are both doing pie giveaways. Each ticket will get you a slice of three different pies: pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato. The giveaways are scheduled to start at 3 p.m., with lines expected to be long before then. People who don’t want to stand in line can order slices of other pies from Pizzeria Regina (located in Faneuil Hall). While there are no restrictions on how many slices you can order, you will have to pay full price for them—no exceptions.


Everyone’s favorite purveyor of homemade pie, Rollo’s Pizzeria, is celebrating a pi milestone: 20 years in business. Starting at 7 a.m., Rollo’s will be serving 3.14 pizzas and slices on top of their regular menu (and you can bet they’ll throw some pies into your oven if you ask nicely). And in case you thought it would be boring to eat pizza all day long, get ready for pi over time. Because today is March 14 and not March 15 (today is pi minus 1), that means from 10 p.m.-11 p.m., everyone who orders a Rollo’s pizza gets free delivery anywhere in Ohio!


With more than 350 pizzerias throughout Michigan, it’s safe to say that there are some good pie options in The Mitten State. That makes them a natural choice when you want to celebrate pi day with a fresh, hot slice of circular goodness. It turns out that most of them are participating in pizza deals on Tuesday; even if you have to pay full price, you’ll still save a lot by ordering off their menus. It goes without saying that one is better than none—but we’re saying it anyway! Here are three cheap (and tasty) places to order your 3/14 pie

Washington State

The state is famous for its wines, but why not go with a pizza pie instead? Pizzeria Ora in downtown Seattle is offering a special three-cheese pie topped with truffle oil and truffle salt that has been deemed worthy of one of world's great treats. It’s $14.32, which works out to be about .27 cents per slice. Wine won’t get you that kind of value! The restaurant says it created The Ultimate Trifecta because baking math can be fun. Ummm...okay? Even if your math skills are rusty, you probably know that pizza shouldn't cost $14.32.

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