🌀 Spotify Premium - Binning Tutorial 🌀


1) Go to this link bank-card generator - https://namso-gen.com/

2) Enter the BIN: 534642

3) Generate 1 random bank-card with the bank identification number of 534642.

4) Register on Spotify and then choose country Angola, enter the bank-card and begin the Spotify trial.

Explanation and Analysis:

This is not carding, or complex in any means necessary, this is an example of binning payment gateways in which no specific individual is affected. Binning attacks are the act of finding vulnerable banks which authorise cards even when they do not have an owner, they normally fail all paid payments (if you are not into extrapping).

This is an example of a binning attack which works on Braintree, any generated card from this BIN, on a braintree gateway will pre-authorise and give the response (1000 - Approved). Allowing individuals to signup and make use of a free-trial

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